Documentation of the swim in Abisko 2021.

Swimming Season - Abisko

In short, it is about swimming together and it is based on my previous practice of collective meetings. Before the baths I give a brief overview of what we are gonna do. Then we go out into the water and sit down until we all can breathe calmly. We decide together when we are ready to leave the water, get up and get dressed. Through these baths, many issues around care, collectivity, well-being, the cold waters impact, the nude body, practicality, aging and of course reflecting on the moving the dips to a digital context and its censorship have been discussed. With the project, I want to explore how people can meet in a new ways, break hierarchies in groups and discuss how non-sexual nudity can exist without excluding groups in society. Since some things can be and should be discussed within the realm of art and some things needs to be experienced first hand. So consider this also as an invitation to join me for a dip.

Maskinhuset - Det är bara tiderna som förändras 2022