My artistic practice delves into collective experiences, focusing on themes such as migration, in-betweenness, and care. I have employed site-specific installations incorporating temperature variations, sounds, scents, and spatial elements to create immersive environments based on the visitors’ experience of that space. My work often involves seemingly simple actions like cooking and communal bathing, activating the audience’s reflections on their bodies and relationships with others. My work has shifted towards increased openness to interventions, performances, and workshops, moving beyond the confines of the physical object to foster a more socially engaged artistic experience. I have explored how intimate encounters can be sustained, documented, and facilitated in public spaces through various artistic expressions.

Education and Research

RUSMUS Residence 2023
Dunkers Residence 2022
MFA, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 2019-2021

Residence Botkyrka, Botkyrka Konsthall, Stockholm 2019

BFA, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 2016-2019

Omklädningsrummet - Stallbacken Kultur, Sollentuna
After-talks - Valsta Konst, Sigtuna
Sauna Sessions, Galleri Mejan, Royal institute of Art, Stockholm
Memory for forgetfulness, Memory for Forgetfulness, in collaboration with med Arrange Nordlöf Malekian, Botkyrka Konsthall, Botkyrka
Sauna Sessions, NUDA, Stockholm

Public design assignments
Memory for Forgetfulness, and, Dinner Recipe, Tumba Library, Stockholm In collaboration with Afrang Nordlöf Malekian

Group Exhibitions, Performances, and workshops (selection)


Canto General - Södertälje Konsthall 2024
Bodies and Artists. A double talk and release. With Cassie Augusta Jørgensen and Cristian Quinteros Soto + Release of Konstnären #4-2023, Index, Stockholm


Sommardagar, Screening and talk with Karolina Wiell, Friidrottsmuseet, Stockholm Limoncitos para Margarita, Performance, Liljevalchs - Stockholm
Collective Care, workshop, Öland Folkhögskola, Öland
Swimming Season, Workshop, Glossary of Love, Konstfack - Stockholm

Kropp och skam - ett samtal om kroppsideal, queernes och samhällsnormer with Tore Hallas -The new subject - Konsthall C, Stockholm
Liljevalchs Vårsalong, Stockholm
En Dag av Omsorg, RUSMUS intervention,Uppsala

Skövde konsthall, Juryns val, Salongen+, Skövde Material display - RUSMUS - Uppsala KonstnärsklubbSwimming Season x Lush, Performance, Saltsjöbaden Matters of Heart, Botkyrka Konsthall, Botkyrka
Dinner Sessions, Performance Tumba library, Botkyrka


Handels x Mejan, Handelshögskolan
Sauna Sessions, Phantoms of the Commons, Tensta konsthall, Stockholm
Sauna Session, Phantoms of the Commons, Tensta Simhall, Stockholm Swimming Season, Workshop, Glossary of Love, Konstfack - Stockholm Swimming Season, Workshop för SNF (Swedish naturist organisation), Vikbolandet Samtal om det avklädda, Talk with Karolina Wiell, Dunkers kulturhus - Helsingborg Leisure hours, 2bornot2be, Digitalt performance, London


Nikebadet, Master Exhibition, Royal Institue of Art, Konstakademin, Stockholm Navigating today's art world - Insights from up-and-coming artist - Market, Liljevalchs, Stockholm


The International Museum of Resistance 1978 - 2020, Södertälje konsthall, Södertälje Cadenas, Bachelor Exhibition, Royal Institue of Art, Marabouparken, Stockholm
Das Ding an Sich - Tegen2 - Stockholm
I solidaritet med Chiles folk, programdag, Södertälje konsthall

Ignaturation of Royal Institute of Art, Mindepartementet, Stockholm

Det Erotiska som Maktmedel, Aliasteatern, Stockholm
En övning i navigering av arv, Botkyrka konsthall, Botkyrka
Här har elden slocknat eller ännu inte tänts, Pershagen gallery, Stockholm Cadenas, Introductory, Research week Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm


TransActions Study Group and Title in Transgression- Iaspis, Stockholm och 10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art
Exposición - ISOTOP, Kärnreaktor R1, Stockholm
Vuestros Cuerpos - WIP Stockholm

Ett stort vitt moln av fåglar, Valeria Montti Colque - Alias teatern, Stockholm
The lessons from my mother; a reading of Salvador Allendes final distortion, Rundgång, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm


Acts of Solidarity, its Statements and Consequences Now and Then, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm
Centrifug reloaded - Konsthall C - Stockholm
Study Group for Solidarity and TransActions - Show me your archive and I will tell you who is

Scholarschips (Selection)

IASPIS, International Cultural Exchange Grant,Chile, Byggnads kulturstipendium 1-year working grant, Swedish Arts Grant Committee- Working grant Kronobergs län, Helge Ax:son Johnsons mobility grant , Helge Ax:son Johnsons mobility grant, Helge Ax:son Johnsons

mobility grant , Helge Ax:son Johnsons mobility grant Stiftelsen Markussens studiefond Historiska Fonden Sveriges Naturist förbund, Botkyrka Konsthall, Släkten Rudbecks familjeforskningstipendium