In a new installation created specifically for ValstaKonst, artist Cristian Quinteros Soto examines the complex interactions found in public locker rooms. In the hybrid dressing room/gallery room at ValstaKonst, Quinteros Soto investigates the communication that takes place in a locker room, and how the room itself functions as a space where you can temporarily avoid societal norms - where the interaction between naked bodies is separated from sexual. connotation – while acknowledging the complex exclusion that can occur in these public spaces.

By delving into Valsta swimming hall's history and its architecture, together with Swedish social norms, the project elevates the changing room from a transitional space you pass through on the way to the pool, to the end goal in itself. As a case study, Quinteros Soto's artwork examines and suggests new ways of considering, interacting and conversing with each other.

Valsta konst 2022