Swimming Season - Nackareservat

Swimming season (Badsäsongen) is a combination of different artisticinterventions and is based on bathing together all yearround in Sweden. Baths have been documented withvideo, sound, photo or text. Here we swim in Nacka reservat!

What you see and hear are people bathing together.Everyone is welcome at my baths. Regardless of who youare, I want you to feel represented, but then you

participation is also needed. All our bodies are in oursociety already loaded with prejudices and structures.Therefore, with my baths I try to remove the initiallysensational aspect of nudity and instead focus on thepoetic and utopian aspect of seeing people socializingwithout placing value on gender, age, body size, ethnicity,socio-economic background or other power structures.

Documentation of the swim in Nackareservatet 2021.

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