Stockholm School of Economics - 2022

Cristian Quinteros Soto´s installation Transitions (Övergångar) has taken over the main entrance staircase of SSE, as part of Handels x Mejan 2022. It´s an artwork that consists of towel holders, sound and a subtle smell.

The towel holders marks the transition between a state of dressed and undressed. No matter how you feel about it, it’s required of you as a visitor at a public swimming pool to drop your towel by the holder. Then it´s up to you to react and reflect on your own relationship with your and other´s bodies.

In the same sense Cristian sees a school as a transition between youth and adulthood. He wants to welcome you to this day of your education, and invite you to ponder your relation to yourself in relation to the school.

About Handels x Mejan 2022